Personalised Rosettes

We offer a range of personalised rosettes to suit your requirements made in  a luxurious woven edge super high quality satin ribbon. 

Woven Edge Super Satin

We are happy to supply personalised rosettes in knife pleat & box pleat, any size from 1 to 5 tier. A wide range of colours are available please see our ribbon colours page. 

The Kent

This very popular knife pleated rosette is an excellent choice. Fashioned in 1” (25mm) ribbon for each tier.

The Kent Superior

Our Superior range uses knife pleat in a wider 1.5” (38mm) deep ribbon for each tier. A reasonably priced rosette which offers impact.

The Worcester

This very popular box pleat gives a true quality look of its own. An excellent choice for any event.

The Worcester Superior

The Superior, in box pleat gives a much larger overall rosette using 1.5” (38mm) ribbon for each tier.  A very impressive award.

Size Kent Kent Superior Worcester Worcester Superior
1 Tier £0.89 £1.17 £1.16 £1.43
2 Tier £1.29 £1.79 £1.47 £1.98
3 Tier £1.82 £2.39 £1.99 £2.65
4 Tier £2.38 £3.82 £3.59 £4.41
5 Tier £3.11 £4.49 £4.34 £5.87

Standard Tail Lengths

1 – 2 tiers have 8″ tails

3 – 4 tiers have 11″ tails

5 tiers have 14″ tails

Longer Tails

Longer tails are available in 1” increments per tail.

For 25mm £ 0.05 per inch per tail.

For 38mm £0.06 per inch per tail.

Rosette Widths

Our Kent and Worcester rosettes:

1 tier – 3.5″ wide

2 tier – 4.5″ wide

3 tier – 5″ wide

4 tier – 5.5″ wide

5 tier – 6″ wide

Our Kent and Worcester Superior rosettes:

1 tier – 4.5″ wide

2 tier – 5.5″ wide

3 tier – 6″ wide

4 tier – 6.5″ wide

5 tier – 7″ wide

Special Ribbon

25mm paw printed ribbon in red, blue, yellow, green, pink and purple.

38mm Polka dot in lilac, navy or red.

25mm Tartan in shades of blue, red and green.

25mm white gold tramline.

Centreboard Size & Personalisation

We only use 2″ (50mm) wide round centreboards. We have a large range of motifs for the middle of the centreboard, please see our Motif/Logo page.

If you require your own logo/image to be printed please send your file in black/white to our e-mail address. Price varies to have the artwork made, usually £20 – £25 and this would be a one of cost.

Around the outer edge of the centreboard can hold a maximum of 25 characters including spacing.

All rosettes purchased from our online shop must be printed with the same centreboard design/text.

Rosette Fastenings

Bridle hooks or crimp pins are included in the rosette price.

Ties are an additional 6p per rosette.

Please note we ask that all orders are to be made in writing and e-mailed to us directly or you can order from our online shop:

Clear Film Front Bags

We supply clear film front bags for your sets of rosettes.

Why not make it easier and have the rosettes sorted in the appropriate sets/classes on delivery.

Only £0.11 per bag. These can be purchased direct from our shop.

Personalised Rosettes